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I knead to explain something...

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Purrs to you dear ones!

So, here I am, this very first ever blog post & I feel like I am a bit untethered from the refinery of what I have thought this moment would be after thinking about something like this for so very long. But, alas, I have decided to jump in and I am trying to get this site up and running, so here I go - up, up and away!

You may be wondering - hmmmm....Kristina, that cat in your logo is cute and all, but I don't quite get it? And the tag line "when you need a rise" hmmm...not sure I get that one either. Well, for those that know me well, getting into my headspace can definitely be a little wonky and challenging, but bear with me and I will try to provide a little insight.

First, the kitty, well, it's stinking adorable and I love cats, but that isn't really the inspiration behind that cute little guy (I am gonna have to come up with a name, so if you have names to suggest, please leave a comment and maybe you will win some scones!) The real inspiration is my cuddly, snuggly, pink nosed rascal of a kitty, Walter. Oh Walter!

But, Kristina, I still don't get it? He is a cat and you are talking about bread and baking? If you are asking this question than you clearing have not been spending enough time around cats because kitties make biscuits and knead the dough ALL THE TIME! They are super busy in the wee hours when getting ready for a long, restful sleep, so besides the sleeping 22 hours a day, they have some of those baker's hours down pat. Walter will knead and knead and knead for quite a bit of time and sometimes he does it in my hair, on my pillow, on my face (I wish that worked like BOTOX), on my neck (oh, the claws!) and on my belly (I sure wish that counted as an ab workout!) So, now hopefully it makes sense why I have a kitty logo that almost looks like my sweet Walter.

Now for the tag, this is a bit deeper in my thinking and a little insight into the path I would like to walk with this wild adventure.

"When you need a rise" - now, I don't know about you, but I like to spend my time and days around people and situations that provide me with joy and fill my heart. Yes, there is lots of rising time literally in baking bread, but I like to think about "raising" my personal vibration and creating a space that provides tranquility, reflection and just down right goodness to my family, friends and home. I surround myself with activities, people and objects that make my soul smile and maybe sometimes I need a little inspiration to launch me into finding that activity, connecting with those people and searching for those found objects. There are amazing people doing crazy glorious things out in this world and I have felt so fortunate to be able to glean some of their wisdom, leverage their knowledge, creativity and share in an harmonious space and often I do not even know who these joy warriors are. So...there is just the tiniest bit of thinking that is rattling around in this mid-century brain.

I hope to provide you with yummy baked goods, cozy made items, inspiration, how to videos, items I recommend, things to do and places to be and maybe a quiet place here in the inter webs to cozy up with a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, wine, tequila, seltzer...

a place to come when you, for your very own self need to find something to give you a rise.

Hugs dear ones,


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Oct 27, 2020

Love Walter


Oct 26, 2020

Looking forward to following along!!

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