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proof that when we rise together 

we champion change

Doughmestic Architect is partnering with HomePlate Youth Services to provide food necessities and baked treats for youth in the Washington County, Oregon Community. 

Your donations of bread, cookies and treats will provide food, care and kindness.

HomePlate Youth Services is the only non-profit in Washington County supporting youth in homelessness between the ages of 12-24.

Being a part of Dough-Nation is quick and simple. 

Take a peek at the options below and see which best aligns with your giving plan. 

Become part of the Dough-Nation today!





This all works through your generous donated food orders, you choose what you would like to order from the Dough-Nation menu items, choose the quantity and frequency and I will do the baking, packaging and delivery.

This is a new collaboration, as of June 2021, with HomePlace Youth Services and I am grateful to provide a bridge between those who want to give and contribute to  the youth in our community with freshly baked, natural breads, sweets and treats and the youth that need our support. 

Your donated orders will be freshly baked the last week of each month, packaged and delivered, and distributed to the individuals at the Hillsboro and Beaverton Centers. 

Have questions? Need more information? Want to chat with me about volunteering or how to donate packaging materials?

Please feel free to reach out via email, text or

chat in the lower right corner of this page.

Thank you for your ongoing support, care and kindness and welcome to 


Proof that when we rise together 

we champion change.

Heart Shape



Simply pick items that are available to order for Dough-Nation off the Menu Tab. Click here and I will take you right to the selection. Now just choose what you would like and let me know to add those items to an existing or future order. The items will be shown on your invoice and paid with your existing order. 



Heart Cookies



So personally you don't need any baked goods this week or month but still want to help? Great! Pick out the items that you would like to order to be donated and I will take care of the rest! You will receive an invoice for your items and may conveniently pay via Venmo or Paypal. Click here to choose your Dough-Nation items to purchase.



Heart Shape Cookie Cutter



Want to ensure that every month young people are treated to fresh, healthy baked bread and treats? Wonderful! You select the items you would like to order, I will bake and take care of the logistics! Even better news...each quarterly order will be rounded down and the difference will be added to a fund that will be donated at the end of each year right back to HomePlate!

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of the quarter and can conveniently pay through Venmo or Paypal.

Click here to choose  your items. 



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