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All about me...well, not really, but a little something...


Hi there!

My name is Kristina and I am the one baking like a crazy person in her Portland, OR kitchen.

I have been noodling different ideas around in my head for a couple of years now as to what I would like to do with my retirement years and then bam! along came quarantine and even more experimental, wild baking times for me.

I was enjoying it so much that one day I decided I was going to see if anyone would be interested in buying some baked goods. I sent a message through FB, got some great responses, set up some orders, decided to do an all nighter and build this site and 24 hours later launched Doughmestic Architect.

I figure why not just dive in? People were interested, I had time on my hands and we all need a little sweetness right now. So, that is how this whole project came together and now with the support of amazing friends and the community I am baking like a fiend and enjoying every moment. 

I am a girl of simple pleasures. Sunshine, a great cup of tea, terrific books, purring cats, amazing hikes, fresh air and good friends keep the smiles flowing and my heart growing.  

I am incredibly blessed with a small, but amazing family, a supportive husband that could always say that I am "crazy" and never be wrong, but he is too supportive to say that anyway. A teenage son who is one fantastic person and soon to be employee #uno! Our cat, Walter, who you will get to hear about on my blog and one of the inspirations for my logo, and  my truly awesome, but always too far away parents whom I miss and will hopefully soon be able to travel to be taste testers. 

My mom is one of those Martha Stewart moms and I was always so enamored with her flair and ability to sew, cook, craft, do just about any project on a  whim and a fancy.

I am incredibly lucky that some of that good juju creativity trickled down to me. We definitely have different approaches, she's methodical, exacting , planned out and structured just like a sane person should be and I am let's get into it, let's start cutting, let's start mixing and make it happen, plan shplan...sometimes that works and sometimes it's well, insane!

I love to make things, bake things, create things and make people smile. I am a firm believer in you attract what you put out in this world, so when you have the choice why not put smiles and goodness out there instead of all the other stuff and muck.

So, for now...I am pouring my heart and soul into baking some tasty treats.

I put on my pink, polka dotted  compression socks, slip on my unicorn slippers, sometimes rock my Princess Leia Tee Shirt, turn on my tunes of choice for the day (there's often chanting and mantras rocking out while the bread is rising - those yeasties need lots of mojo to do their thing!)   and I get down to baking and packaging up treats with lots of love in my heart for everything that is truly good and beautiful in this world. 

I know this section will probably be updated a thousand times over, but for now.

This is me, in the here and now, baking...missing my parents...missing wine in restaurants with good friends...missing my beloved Joshua Trees...but loving my life in this moment, with what I have because

"happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have."

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