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When you knead a rise



Welcome to Doughmestic Architect!

I am Kristina, the owner, baker &

part-time kitchen dancer who started this little, artisan, home bakery in October 2022. 

It has now been over 2 years of baking, creating custom creations & connecting in the community. 

In July 2021, I started a little thing called Dough-Nation & since then, with the help of dedicated & awesome customers, Doughmestic Architect has delivered over 500 loaves of bread and over 4,000 cookies to support youth at Home Plate Youth Services in Washington County! 

This year I will be installing & moving into my new baking, cookie & workshop studio - so many big adventures to come! New this year is Beginner Icing Workshops, so be sure to grab a spot & come & ice with me!

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